Welcome! My name is Rebecca and this is a blog where I explore real ways to be and FEEL beautiful from the inside out.

It started one afternoon when I was feeding my 6-month baby. The not so generous self talk went like this: I wanted to look pretty again. But my skin is not great. I swear my eyes are getting smaller by the day. Do I have to start learning how to put on make up properly? Buy the expensive skin care products? I can’t change the way my features are arranged on my face. But I want to look prettier! Right now! Is this impossible, especially for a woman who gained some pregnancy weight and is exhausted from being a mom?

I worked part-time at McDonald’s when I was in college. A very kind and funny Muslim coworker once intercepted me as I dashed to pick up some fries for an order. “Hi Rebecca!” he said. I smiled at him and said hi back. “I love how your face lights up when you smile,” he said.

That’s it! Smile 🙂 The instant way to look prettier, at zero cost, with side benefits.

A sustainable  and cost-effective way to be pretty in our own way!

This is not about fake smiles

This is not about plastering a fake or forced smile over your face. Smiling can lift our moods, but when you’re really not in the mood of smiling, then it’s equally important to find out why and find our way back to our smile, our joy.

Ultimately, it’s not about how beautiful you are, or not, to other people. There is just one person you need to please, or change: yourself.

I hope you’ll find some inspiration in this blog and thank you for stopping by!

More about me:  I’m originally from Hong Kong, did middle and high school in the UK and now live in Seattle, WA, USA.

At the age of ten, I wanted to be one of the Pretty Guardians alongside Sailor Moon, if not be Sailor Moon herself. A new anime super hero girl came along who transforms into a flying pig with a cape. The Super Pig’s name was Boorin and that became my nickname because I was overweight. It hurt, but well, Boorin was a super hero too, doing good in the world.